What began in 2013 as a personal blog to update friends and family on Riley’s progress as we navigated hospital life undergoing treatment for Severe Combined Immune Deficiency has evolved over the years. There were periods of silence…some due to Riley’s physical health being great and some due to Mama’s emotional health being not so much. In 2017 Riley took a drastic turn…her body rejecting the transplant that had saved her life. Back to the keys I went, updating once again and encouraging readers to Read. Share. Send Love.

Our war against SCID and then GVHD has been riddled with battles small and large, many victories and a lot of PTSD. In late 2017 I founded The Mark Makers, an organization that documents the lives of families facing pediatric illness through cost free photography. With my writing focused on that platform this one became neglected. My hope and goal in all things I do is to find light in the dark moments. Whether it be through my  images, my unfiltered words, my questionable sense of humor or blabbering about my shortcomings and PTSD. That light…I’m always looking for it and I plan to shed it here.


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