Happy Life Day

“Mommy Mommy tell my friends what today is, tell my friends what today is!” Riley is wildly bouncing and repeating this as I stand between her and two of her Kindergarten besties waiting for the morning bell to sound. “Oooooohhhh what’s today?!” Gabby questions…I take a deep breath. “Tell em Mom!”

Ok, ok. One more deep breath and then I start…I start even knowing they will have no comprehension of what I’m talking about, that it will make zero sense to them, that it will go right in their tiny pierced ears and out the other but I begin to tell them anyway…

“Well girls…today is Riley’s “Life Day”…so a life day is kinda like…” Riley interrupts me. She can’t contain herself and begins to tell it in her finest adult-like inflection. “It’s my Life Day…it’s kinda like a birthday…my birthday was when I was born but then my life day is when I got to live…right Mom?” she looks up at me beaming with pride and that “I know better than you” smirk. All I could do was smile and give a strong “yup” nod.

Neither of her friends knew what the crap their bouncing blonde buddy was talking about but they felt her excitement and went with it…”COOL!” “Happy Life Day!” they chimed in and just like that we switched gears to chatting about the unicorns on Rayleens backpack. They didn’t get it but Riley did and in their sweet sweet innocence they supported their friend anyway.

5 years later those cells pulled from my body and put into hers have carried her all the way to this Kindergarten conversation. I’m amazed and grateful and all the things.

Happy Life Day Riley…I am so damn lucky to be yours.

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