So the countdown is offically on. We have a date. We have a plan. We have a baby with a “decent” immune system 😉 As long as we avoid any plot twists (which Miss Riley has been famous for) we will be heading home Monday. Yeah. Monday. No more…maybe next month, possibly two weeks…freakin’ Monday. I woke up this morning and every moment since has seemed surreal. As I mashed up Riley’s banana for breakfast I could hear Presley one week from now squealing “I wanna mash it Mama, I can do it, I wanna make baby Riley’s breakfast.” This afternoon when I closed the shade and put the “baby’s napping” sign on the door I could visualize myself lying her in her own crib, the need for the sign gone. I’ve tried for months to not think about what it felt like to have her at home, it was such a brief period that it just hasn’t felt good to revisit those moments. A part of me was always afraid those few memories were going to be the only ones I’d have. Now knowing that she will soon be back I cannot wait to not only reminensce on those days but relish in the fact that everyday we will be making new memories. Together. And she will be in every one.


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Thank you, thank you, thank you

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  1. honey you are such a fighter watch out sister here you come God Bless you little girl . May your health continuw love patti & bob and June

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