The up, down, up, down theme of my previous post graciously decided to continue it’s trend last week …so much so that everytime I was given information I felt it premature to update. It was like…yeah ok…let’s give that a minute and if it’s still the case in 2 days then it’s post-worthy. Those T cell function test results that we were waiting on came back…well…results came back but not the ones we wanted. “The test showed no significant improvement.” Shit. When I asked what “no significant” meant it became clear they threw that word in there as a bit of a buffer…just sounds a better than “no improvement”…thanks guys. So that started the week with a down, then there was an “up”=engraftment is at 100% (great), then down= looks like she has a possible urinary tract infection (ouch), then up= CMV was undetected at this weeks lab draw (yay), then down=ANC dropped to 700 so another dose of nuepogen to boost cells (sigh). Mix all of that with 2 nights of less than 3 hours sleep, a sick Presley at home, a car that won’t start, a mound of pending paperwork taller than any Americano that the 2nd floor Peet’s has to offer and yeah…deep breath time.

It’s all so surreal, most of the time I look at Riley and she looks and seems so healthy on the outside…it’s sometimes hard to wrap my head around the fact that all that jazz is going on inside of her. The doctors are having the same feelings as well, it’s driving them nuts. She just looks so good and has done so well in the grand scheme of things that they feel like it should be working and by “it” I mean her immune system. So much so that they re-sent her function test immediately in the hopes that maybe the lab made a mistake. They have continued possible discharge talk as if those results were wrong…while I’d love to go home and it would be just swell if that no function thing was the result of some lab error it’s hard for me to put any real clout behind that. Keep in mind the last time I was told “sometimes the lab makes mistakes” was back in August when I got that first phone call…we all know how that turned out. No mistake. As I did then I’ll go ahead and hope that a whoops on their part is going to end up working in my favor but…well…we’ll see.


As far as day to day Riley goes she really has been all up’s this week…weights up, spirits up, curiositys up, cuteness way up. Her rolls have reached uncontrollable levels…they are out of hand, it’s amazing. She no longer despises tummy time which is a plus…she thinks she’s pretty hot shit holding her big ol’ noggin up looking like a little chemo-baby bobble head. She loves to sit up and is way to close (in my humble opinion) to being able to do it on her own… surprise surprise I’m not exactly ready for her to be that grown up. And food…man that girl has taken a major interest to everything that I eat. She tried nose diving into my mouth when I was devouring a hunk of Trader Joes Extraordinary Bark (which p.s. if you haven’t experienced stop reading right now and go get some…thank you to the lovely PCA that brought it to me and you’re welcome to those that head my advice).You forget about those normal little baby milestones with all this other stuff going on but yeah…turns out food is definetly on her radar so pretty soon those thighs may get even more of a boost. Please keep that positivty rolling in for us and hopefully this week will be a little more restful, peaceful and stable. xoxo

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