Last week when I wrote the post about possible discharge I stared at it for a good 20 minutes before hitting “publish”. It didn’t look right, not because I didn’t like my writing…I don’t re-read or edit what I write and I think thats probably pretty obvious (apologies now for any and all curse words, poor grammar and typos) but it was just because…just…I don’t know…discharge? It didn’t feel right, didn’t feel real. All of the events that have followed with Riley have shown me why. She’s just not ready. I think for a minute the much welcomed good news and excitement got the best of everyone including the team and the classic “doc who cried discharge” fabel consumed us. From the beginning it has been a CONSTANT effort for me to remain positive while also knowing the beast that is this disease is so unpredictable, so ugly and so unknown that plot twists are just bound to happen. It is a rollercoaster…she generally feels good 90% of the time but then there’s that 10%…those moments that you look at her and just know, she’s not ok. She has those moments just long enough each day to let us know that she is not ready for all that the big bad world has to offer outside of these walls. You think I would have learned to listen to my “mom-sense” a little more and maybe hold off on putting the D-word out there but part of me felt like it was just my own denial issues. Whoops. Here’s my big dilema…I’ve made it my mission to keep people upbeat and cheering for Riley and I don’t want the fact that discharge is off the table for now to feel like a huge setback. It is not. It was said too early, bottom line.


Hear is what I ask if you’re following along with Riley’s story…buckle up. There are going to be up and downs, days that we feel like we’re leaping forward and days where the wind gets knocked right out of us. It is a long road. Even when we do get discharged we are not in the “clear”. The isolation at home will be  more rigid than it is here at the hospital and even just one fever spike and we’re right back at admissions. Please just continue cheering for Riley, sending good vibes and knowing that even during rough patches she is a total badass.


Riley has definetly felt better this week than last. I do have one piece of really exciting news…her CMV labs for this week came back and the levels were undetectable!!! CMV has been that constant fear lurking in the background and so hearing that they don’t see it in her anymore is just such wonderful news. They are going to continue her on the ganciclovir for at least 3 weeks and continue re-testing every Monday to be super sure that it is gone. Also, because she is still so immune compromised she remains high risk but a win is a win…I’ll take it. They are still waiting on test results for multiple viral panels to figure out what is causing her tummy issues. Her t-cell function results did come back however they are not functioing yet…well…they are at 6% but the tone in the doctors voice was clear…that number is not anywhere near where it needs to be to introduce her to the outside. T-cell function simply takes time and there is nothing we can do to speed that process up. The fact that she has engrafted so well is great but those t-cells do us not a lick of good if they don’t work. She is still without immunity. But let me follow that with she is still amazing. Thank you all again for the constant support, kind words and generosity. We still have donations coming in and boxes showing up on our doorstep and every little bit helps to lighten our load. I never thought I get all giddy receiving things like hand sanitizer and laundry detergent in the mail but I do the happy dance every time Chris sends me a text showing more supplies arriving back at home. We will get out of here one of these days and our home is well on it’s way to being stocked for her because of you all. Thank you, thank you, thank you. xoxo

For those who would like to donate or help in any way please follow the links below…as always email me with any questions.

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