Another day in the life…

So here was Fridays scene, I’ll paint you a REAL pretty picture, trust. I’m headed home mid-morning after a week of comforting my 3 month old whos been barfing on me non stop courtesy of chemo/transplant fun and what do I find myself in you ask? TRAFFIC…a big rig accident blocking all 5 lanes of the 101, why wouldn’t my hour and fifteen minute drive home take 3 hours? I mean really. About 45 minutes into not moving I get a call from my Mom informing me that Presley got sick on the way home and Chris (who had an impacted wisdom tooth surgically removed Wednesday) was now elbows deep in Presley puke. Now don’t get me wrong, my man can handle our sicks kid but when his face is swollen to softball sized proportions I wouldn’t have exactly planned to put it on his “to-do” list. I had planned on picking Presley up from my Moms but Mr. Big Rigs hurry brought my commute to a screeching halt hence the drop off. My positive spin on the delay…I got to talk (hands free of course) to my best friend, a real luxury since I find time for phonecalls next to never these days. But yes…Riley=fighting for life, Chris=impacted wisdom tooth, Presley=stomach flu and Me=somewhere between SF & SJ in the  limbo of this back and forth life I call mine…no breaks to be had for the Browns this weekend it seems. Shit.


Lucky for me Presley is disgustingly sweet when she is sick. No joke there have been times in the past where I have actually been a little sad (insert terrible mom judgement here) when she gets better because she really is THAT sweet when she feels crummy. Chris felt so bad, he kept saying “I am so sorry you came home to this.” My feeling…listen here puffy…this is EASY. I’m stoked to spend all weekend smashing your food and cuddling with a tude’ free toddler. It was refreshing taking care of Presley, knowing that she was fine, knowing that her sickness was simple, I could fix her. It felt amazing to have to convince my child to take Tylenol because for her taking meds is not a part of day to day norm, silly right? It was still no fun seeing Presley sick but man when it’s the “healthy” kid that’s sick, the one who’s body can fight the bug, the one who’s equipped…it’s just not that bad. Let me reassure…I didn’t just give her the ol’ “listen here lady you are FINE”. I took care of her just as I would have before, maybe even loved on her a little more because I had never before experienced being so grateful for what I thought to be a simple given…immunity.  Presley unloading her jamba juice all over us was almost welcomed. We both got to shower immediately in an actual bathroom and let me be the first to say I’ll take dripping in “orange dream machine” over baby formula ANYDAY. But really, that would have been a stressful situation 6 months ago…not now. Now it’s adorable. Presley bounced back to her bossy self in less than 24 hours and we managed to have a really fun weekend even if the universe originally tried to screw with those plans.

Very proud of the sign she made at school for Riley
It'll be waiting above Rileys crib for when she comes home!
It’ll be waiting above Rileys crib for when she comes home!

Riley had a good weekend as well, Chris’ Mom and my Mom took turns at the hospital and as always loved their Riley time. She felt pretty good the majority of the time, did well overnight all three evenings but would hit the occasional wall during the day and the discomfort would seemingly overwhelm her a bit. Enter nausea and pain meds. Chris and I are so fortunate to have rockstar Moms who are both able and willing to take care of Riley so we can play “normal family” on the weekends. I can’t tell you how much time I spend being grateful for the family unit we have, it is unbelievable how lucky we are. I got back to the hospital yesterday afternoon and all continues to be uneventful which is good. The docs came in for a quick chat and are happy with how things are progressing. Riley is getting less and less meds almost daily it seems which is great, it’s a wonderful thing to start seeing some of these cords and pumps go away. She did great last night…fell asleep at 7, woke up every 3.5 hours to eat, filled her diaper and then let her heavy eyes fall shut in minutes. She is the picture of a perfect 3 month old…you just gotta squint a little to block out the hospital background. 😉

She just woke up and is now in VERY deep conversation with a blue elephant…I should see what those two are scheming about. Keep the positive vibes coming our way! xoxo

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