Quick Update

Yesterday was a rough go for little Riley. The only thing she was able to keep down from 2:30 clear until midnight was her bottom lip. Our poor nurse Felix was even having a hard time with the looks she was passing out…I overheard him telling another nurse outside the room “Man that Riley Brown is killing me, she’s tryin  so hard to feel good…she tries to smile but it just turns into a bottom lip quiver, I can’t take it.” Uh-huh, she is already a heartbreaker. Seriously though a little Sarah McLaughlin music in the background and last nights look was a total childrens hospital commercial. After some Zofran, Tylenol and Benadryl her “fix-it Felix” face was able to get some rest. Just after midnight she seemed to turn the corner, she was able to guzzle 4 ounces and keep it all to herself (lucky for me seeing as she’d already soaked the majority of the clothes I packed for the week). She woke up about every 2 hours and was able to eat each time without incident. This morning she seemed to be headed in the direction of “shitty” but a little Benadryl seemed to keep her on track.

She will be continuing on the 3 antibiotics today and be recieving both a blood and platlette transfusion. A bit of good news, this weeks CMV levels are down to 409…again the original catch was well over 400,000 so that is a welcome decline. She is snoozing now and I’m nervously waiting for her to open her eyes and give me a smile. That’s the goal for now, just a smile. Wish us luck!

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