Chemo Day 6

Yesterday Riley tolerated the Fludarabine and Thiotepa beautifully. She highly enjoyed her 3 baths and will get them again today to get any residual chemo off her skin to avoid any burns. So far her skin is looking good…rashes pop up and disapear by the hour but nothing major. Today she got the Fludarabine again in the morning and then at 11 started her first round of Anit-thymocyte Globulin (ATG). That’s the big one as far as immediate side affects are concerned. Hives, fever and respiratory distress are the 3 most common that we will be watching for. Tons of precautions were taken this morning before starting the round including loading her up with Benadryl and Tylenol. During those meds I actually texted a Mommy friend of mine whom I have talked with before about the mommies who think giving a lil babe Tylenol is ludicrous and are quick to give you the “Oh I would never…” speech on the playground…no judgement on my part because it’s simply not my style but maybe next time for those giving or getting that speech no matter which side you’re on just pause and be grateful you’re babes biggest concern is cutting teeth 😉 Also, not trying to discredit the frustration or discomfort of teething babies…that shit is rough. Mine may be in the midst of chemo but I am still a normal Mom dreading the day her little chompers start making their way to the surface. 🙂 The ATG will run over 10 hours, right now we are almost 2 hours in and so far lil Miss is sleeping away only opening her eyes to doll out a stink eye to the nurse taking her temperature every 15 minutes. She is hooked to the machines where her oxygen levels and blood pressure are being constantly monitored so she’s back to being a stage 5 cord tangled mess…man I can’t wait until I have a cordless baby. Ahhhh, the little things you long for as the parent of a hospitalized child.


The Fludarabine and ATG are the last Chemotherapy drugs she will be getting taking us from today through Monday. Fun fact about ATG…it’s made in rabbits. Yeah you read correctly…rabbits. Fancy, huh? Even freakin Bugs Bunny is helping to save our little Riley!  All these smart doctor folks come up with the damndest things.

Please keep us in your thoughts today and well the rest of the week for that matter…actually scratch that…think, pray well wish whatever it is you do for us all the time 😉 it’s appreciated. Oh yeah, I get my first injection tonight to ramp up my marrow production…from what I hear it’s quite likely to suck. I feel a bit of pressure to handle it with grace…my 3 month old is kind of a show off when it comes to that, can’t let her down.  Wish me luck! xoxo

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